Beech Tree Labs, Inc., specializes in discovery and early-stage development of pharmaceutical formulations that address chronic disorders. Characteristic of a streamlined approach, Beech Tree out-licenses product candidates in order to finalize clinical development en route to market. The Company employs proven, rapid, and inexpensive methods to capitalize on an extensive and ever-growing portfolio of patents covering many potential products.

Based on decades of laboratory research, animal-model studies, and formal clinical trials it is evident that these products and product candidates constitute a platform that addresses a broad spectrum of disorders. This novel therapeutic approach of cellular communication is designated Resonant Molecular Signaling.

The unique characteristics of the various agents in this platform includes:

  • typically comprised of naturally-occurring molecules;
  • physiologic dosage;
  • placebo-level adverse effects.

Beech Tree is an innovative company with attributes that clearly distinguish its prospects for long-term success. Specifically, it has:

  • a base of patented product candidates, several ready for formal clinical evaluation with recently completed successful FDA-authorized clinical trials targeting Reccurent Oral Herpes and Urinary Incontinence, and a FDA-approved Investigational New Drug (IND) application for Influenza Infection;
  • a low burn rate and a proven cost and time effective product development strategy;
  • products with inherently low risk of side effects and high profit margin potential;
  • no capital-intensive manufacturing process.

Resulting from the experience of its management team and an established professional network, Beech Tree Labs has several product candidates in various stages of development and a robust pipeline.

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