Beech Tree Labs is developing innovative, potentially game-changing therapies to address critical patient conditions. The Company’s lead product candidates are protected by an ever-expanding patent portfolio.

One of its most exciting product candidates, BTL-slo, addresses adhesions, scarring, and fibrosis. An IND has been filed to conduct a clinical trial using this agent to focus on complications arising from total knee replacement surgery. In addition, an IND is under development for a bivalent product combing BTL-slo and BTL-stcf for a trial targeting COPD.

Another product candidate is BTL-tml, an anti-viral that has been the focus in two FDA-authorized clinical trials evaluating recurrent oral herpes infections. Reflecting the potential of this anti-viral, the Company also holds an open IND for a clinical trial targeting influenza.

Also under development is BTL-hs. Laboratory and anecdotal evidence indicate that this two-molecule formulation addresses disorders associated with muscle weakness. The Company has conducted an FDA-authorized clinical trial evaluating BTL-hs for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence.

Supporting data for safety and efficacy, including genomic studies, for the above formulations are available upon request.

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